Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau

The Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau is the latest interpretation, a minute repeater watch that is driven by an artfully executed Venetian blind covering the dial, that upon being slid back activates the repeater mechanism which in turn sounds the given time counting hours, quarter hours and minutes by the sound of two gongs.

The Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau reveals its inner values only upon sliding its Venetian blind to one side. This almost poetic act reveals a culmination of culture and technology unseen in haute horlogerie before: the hour and minute hand of the watch travel gingerly over a minute repeater movement, which is widely acknowledged as the pinnacle of haute horlogerie, built to the highest standards of modern mechanical watchmaking.

Pushing this blind drives a mechanically refined mechanism that activates the melody of the minute repeater through a highly complicated mechanism of teeth, gears and a barrel, containing an amazing 270 parts of its own. Upon release, the curtain slips back into its original position – again hiding the face of the watch. This lavish mechanism, which can rightly be called a complication of its very own, catapults the Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau into the highest echelon of watchmaking, placing it right beside traditional grand complications.