Grande Reverso Ultra Thin & Tribute to 1931

Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
The innovative Grande Reverso Ultra Thin plays the card of extreme simplicity with an exceptionally fine case, evocative of to the perfect watchmaking classicism of the original model.
The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin focuses on purity of form, fine execution, discreet elegance of lines, and the perfect proportions which are at the very heart of the legend.Its remarkably thin case – with a thickness of only 7.20 mm, compared to the 9.40 mm of the classique Grande Taille model – is what endows it with particularly refined harmony. The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin watch runs on a hand-wound mechanical movement, the Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 Calibre. Assembled and decorated completely by hand, this movement joins the collection of fifty mechanical movements created for the Reverso to date.
Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 faithfully reproduces the appearance of the legendary 1931 model in a more generous and ultra-thin case version. In homage to the original, the dial bears only the inscription “Reverso”, while the name Jaeger-LeCoultre is discreetly engraved on the back of the horn.
In a limited edition of 500 watches in pink gold with a white dial, the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 also comes in a steel version with a black dial.
The famous railroad minute band runs round the dial, imbuing this model with unparalleled Art Deco purity.