Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Neva

Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Neva
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Reverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates femininity with a new version of this emblematic model.

The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Neva is a timepiece that is both original and faithful to the Reverso spirit: the marriage between tradition and nobility, the alliance of style and elegance.

Thanks to snow setting, a process exclusive to the manufacture, the diamonds seem to merge with the case of the Reverso Ultra Thin Neva, as if the inspiration of the artist had come to freeze in this unique design.

A treasure worthy of a fairy tale, a crown of diamonds that sublimate the case and testify to the inspiration of the artisans of the Jaeger-Lecoultre house, always looking for new ways to express their art.

True to its avant-garde spirit, Jaeger LeCoultre is constantly innovating its ornamental techniques to highlight its finest timepieces.

Thus, the decoration, carried out using the snow-setting process, is directly carried out on the case of the watch. It is his inspiration and his perfect knowledge of the materials that then guide the hand of the artisan jeweler: a single slip and the whole piece would be destroyed.

The setter places the diamonds one by one, next to each other, harmoniously blending the stones of different sizes to completely cover the metal of the watch. Such creative freedom requires extremely sharp know-how and a sense of detail. The only selection of diamonds is based on a long expertise: for a successful design, it is the smallest stones that will be selected to blend with each other.